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Please Note: The following links are to online resources which may be of interest to visitors of this site. There is however no direct affiliation between Beit Shalom and the organisations to whom these resources belong. Any views expressed on any of these external sites may not reflect those of Beit Shalom and vice-versa.

🕊Hebrew Language Resources

🕊The Hebrew Alphabet
🕊Online Hebrew Keyboard
🕊Hebrew Dictionary in Hebrew (Milog)
🕊Hebrew Verb Conjugations
🕊A Collection of Hebrew Ebooks

🕊Biblical Hebrew Resources

🕊Origins of the Alphabet

🕊Linguapedia Program

🕊Bible Study Resources

🕊Mechon Mamre: (The Hebrew Scriptures) in a variety of formats
🕊Navigating the Bible: Torah Readings Online
🕊Bible Gateway: The Bible Online in a number of different versions

🕊Jewish History Resources

🕊A Crash Course in Jewish History
🕊Jewish History Year by Year

🕊Israel in the News

🕊Honest Reporting - Uncovering Media Bias
🕊The Jerusalem Post